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where he predicted in 1952 that he, nelson mandela, would be the first elected president of a free and democratic south africa and that actually came to happen. how would you judge his handling the presidency as that first democratically elected president in south african history? >> well, i'm glad you said that because he was the first democratically elected president of south africa, not the first black president. and he was that because for the first time everybody had a right to vote, including africans, and it made a big difference. i was born in 1952, so i have no memory of this speech in 1952 but i do remember as a student at stanford being involved in the divestment movement, trying to make sure that not just south africa but southern africa would divest from this system and apartheid would be ended. that was continued when i went to law school in the '70s and continued when i went to practice in the '80s when we had thousands of people involved in protests during the reagan era because of south africa and it was black, white, men, women, young, old of every political strip
about the next election and not enough worried about the next generation. what jack kennedy understood as well. that's the american people. we go through these periods where our politics gets all balanced up. the truth is sometimes we're nostalgic about the past. >> i am. >> i know you are. if over and over again they see they are not addressing the core problems we have, eventually they will put in place folks who are serious about getting the work done. >> let's talk about the problem with the legislative branch. the nature of america is an aisle down the center. those aisles have always been there. rarely have we had one party in power a year or two. are we stalk with this as long as we have two parties running our government. they can't compromise. they used to compromise. in the old days they would compromise and blame others for the ones they didn't like. today they don't and blame the other party. strike a deal and blame boehner for the parts you don't like and he can blame you for the parts he doesn't like. >> well, a couple of things. first of all -- >> compromise. >> i think
the city. >> the d.c. board of election victim a petition that was signed him and he qualified to run. it will include four council members. he was asked repeatedly why he waited so long to announce his intentions. he is referring to the federal investigation that alleges that a campaign helped elect him in 2010. for people associated with the campaign like guilty to felonies. they wasted no time reacting. he said, he was elected under alse pretenses and deserves second chance because he ran a co-opted campaign. before leaving, mayor gray said that a strong record of three years of progress should count for a lot on election day. andhere is fiscal stability economic development. look at the education and the way people are getting back to work. >> i think it is interesting for him to say that considering the fact that he has been in battled on the first day that he -- em battled from the first day that he took office. he will appear on the april 1 democratic reimer a ballot. this is the first public campaign event that is expected in january. >> thank you very much. lower temperatures
in last month election in virginia. at a meeting in richmond, the state board of elections said equipment was outdated. said it charles judd more uniform process would make counting ballots more efficient. less than 24 hours after announcing his reelection campaign, d.c. mayor vincent gray's lashing out. this comes as the investigation into his 2010 campaign remains under federal investigation. sam ford is at the wilson building with more. is so upset. >> when the mayor announced yesterday he said it took him so long because he was waiting to see what the u.s. attorney was going to do. with that investigation going on and no end in sight, gray jumped into the race but today, he seemed on the defensive as reporters peppered him with questions about the scandal involved -- evil thing around his 2010 campaign. on the first day he announced for reelection he held a conference touting his accomplishments and arguing he deserves another term. >> i want to talk about the future of the district of columbia. i am a native washingtonian. i have given virtually my life to the city. >> rate who yeste
a democratic elected governor. how would you assess this week's signups, increased substantially. there seems to be a lot of interesting with a lot of people going to the sites. how would you assess this now that we're at the end of the week? >> i mean, it's been a great week for the aca, there's no question about it. the kinks appear to be out. we're not quite sure about the back end, but i think it looks pretty good. the kinks seem to be out of the system. more and more people driven to it. more and more people are signing up. and the sad part for the republicans is it's only going to get worse for them. it's only going to get better. as the kinks are totally smoothed out of the system, people will find this bill, they'll find it's like heaven. and for other people they're going to find they've got better plans and they've got the freedom to choose and they can compare and they can shop which we never had the ability to do in america. i think it's going to be more successful each month it passes. so the republicans better find another horse to ride, because they can't ride this one. >> you
way through nearly 30 years in prison to become his country's first democratic elected president. >> he no longer belongs to us, he belongs to the ages. >> don't call me. i'll call you. >> to his magnetic sense of humor, mandela was loved by everyone. from world leaders to celebrities. when he visited the u.s., areeth that franklin sang to him. tonight she's with us sharing her special memories only on "nightline." >> this special edition of "nightline," nelson mandela, a man who changed the [s[man] no one told her,right?a. [son]hi! [mom screams] >>> this is a special edition of "nightline." nelson mandela, a man who changed the world. >> good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm dan abrahams. nelson mandela's face is one of the most recognizable in the world. and tonight in south africa this symbol of racial equality died at the age of 95. from boxer to advocate, prisoner to peace prize winner, it seemed mandela was always fighting for a cause greater than himself. as reactions pour in from around the globe it's clear that his legacy as a champion of human rights, equality and
spoke with the mayor. he joins us now with from the board of elections. >> after much speculation whether mayor vincent gray would speak -- seek reelection, the answer here at one judiciary square where the d.c. board of elections is located about two hours ago. mayor gray appeared here around 4:00 and signed for his positions to seek reelection for democratic mayor -- candidate for mayor. 3000 valid signatures must be collected for his name to appear on april primary ballot. >> this is your declaration that you are seeking reelection? >> this is my declaration of getting the petitions filled out. will have a kickoff event in early 2014. the goal right now will be to get the required member of -- number of signatures. >> of course, mayor gray stance all but formally legally accused of running an illegal campaign in 2010. the u.s. attorney is investigating and a number of campaign workers have treated guilty in federal court. one has been sentenced to prison for lying to the fbi. >> why did it take you this long? >> i was hoping, as i have said many times, i was hoping the 2010 stu
for wealthy people and did he regulate. and in many ways, the last election was a bleb plebiscite. in fact, in both of his campaigns. and, again, the kind of reagan-era tricklel down. that latter thing doesn't work. that's clear. what the president said today is for the rest of my term, i'm going to be focused on measures that work to address things that you care most about. he may not be able to get over legislative goal lines with this. but for him to be using the bully pulpit to raise these issues i think is exactly right. >> no, and angela, that is a really good appointmepoint. you live in the legislative world. and the chances of the president getting this agenda through the house of representatives in particular are probably very slim, if not none. so how important is it for the president to keep on using the bully pulpit to keep on reminding americans that he and they are on the same side on these issues? >> whether it is trayvon martin, joy, or some other issue that seems to be falling on deaf ears because people haven't heard it from him is absolutely abundantly important. he doe
election. and mandela became south africa's first black president. >> we are all south africans. we have had a good fight. but now, this is a time to heal the old wounds and to build a new south africa. >> reporter: after ruling for five years -- >> africa. >> reporter: -- nelson mandela passed the torch to the next generation and became an elder statesman to the world. a fighter. a visionary. the voice of his people. and a moral compass for us all. >> i am the product of africa. and her long cherished dream, of a rebirth that can now be realized. so that all of her children may play in the sun. >> his life, dedicated to that dream. abc's christiane amanpour joins us now. you covered the struggle in south africa. his early days as president. one of the points you make, is he kept the country together in a time it could easily have been torn apart. >> absolutely. in fact, his people say that it is a miracle that they pulled off that first election. just as he came out of prison, there was still terrible violence from the apartheid, the zulus from the extremist white parties. there were ki
town hall meetings for the midterm elections in 2010. and so you allow people to organize and get these groups out there, that were there to just obstruct. what you need to do is do small group meetings. start with your base, start with women's organizations and use your best weapon. michelle obama. >> i love that. stick with me, because we'll have robert gibbs when we come back, and i want to ask about who would be the effective surrogates here. i love the idea of first lady obama out there sort of selling this law, but i wonder if there are some real challenges in making that happen. stick with us, we are bringing robert gibbs into the discussion next. when it's donut friday at the office, i use my citi thankyou card to get 2x the points at the coffee shop. which will help me get to a beach in miami and they'll be stuck at the cube farm. the citi thankyou preferred card. now earn 2x the points dining out, with no annual fee. go to she pretty much lives in her favorite princess dress. and she's not exactly tidy. even if she gets a stain she'll wear it for a
our first white elected mayor since the beginning of roam rule if bowser and gray split the american rule vote. this may be the most exciting campaign. >> mayor has his own website. this reelection website very up. are these donors that have been on the sideline until now wondering whether he was going to jump in? are we going to see a lot of money going into this race starting now? >> in a nutshell, yes. they will be jumping in with big money and they will have to pick sides at this point. they have been waiting to see what the mayor will do. >> as you said, an exciting race. thanks, we'll do it again soon. >> also tonight, imagine you order something online today and it shows up at your door in a half hour. >> is that a dream? >> it would be. >> maybe it is a dream. we'll have more on amazon's plan to use drones to deliver packages in just a moment. first, here's a look at the most important moments from your world today in 90 seconds. >> crews used large cranes to lift the topple train cars back on the tracks. the national transportation safety board is analyzing the record
leaders? >> way up at the top. if one had to elect a president of the world some years ago, who would have been elected? it would have been nelson mandela. surveys have been taken in different countries, denmark, germany, other parts of the world asking young people who are your heroes? and only one person who was a politician came out in the top 10. that was nelson mandela. the rest were all entertainers. they were singers, dancers, athletes, but nelson mandela was at the top. so he's up there with martin luther king and the other greats who fought against oppression in their own context. >> dr. middleman, thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> we have much more on the life of nelson mandela at including some of his best quotes and a timeline of his 95 years. >>> a look at some of the other top stories from today inincludg a proposal to raise rates for some of you pepco customers out there. >> and that's not the only place you might be asked to pay a little more, how much metro's general a subaru... ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the roenvin
will play big in the 2014 elections i just think is making it up. i don't think we have any idea how this issue is going play in the 2014 elections. >> david made a big prediction this weekend. let's listen to this. >> there is a huge interest out there. by the end of march, most people think you could have six, seven, eight million people registered for health care. >> only if there is a rapid increase. >> but you see the interest out there. people want health care. they're going to be able to get health care. if the website is working. and to your question, we live in a social world right now. people will tell their siblings or talk to their brothers and sisters. i think what you're beginning to see is it is an easy experience. >> was that an evidence based statement? >> there is some evidence behind it. if you look at every past expansion like this one, medicare part d, which is the prescription drug benefit. there was very weak enrollment in the beginning. so they have got everybody in towards the end. it's a different program and different features. the natural spur would normal
flagged it up, they said they wouldn't allow groups like karl rove's group, regarding elections, now alec doesn't do that, get involved in campaigns, it is actively involved in what happens to people after they get elected. you know, what happens to a state assemblyman and what laws are passed. and that is when alec gets involved. there will be more debate about it, alec is a tax-exempt charity. what it does is cook up legislation. >> if i had the choice of choosing who could be elected in a particular election or writing the laws that that person would introduce as a legislator once they were there, i know which one i would pick. thank you very much for your time, sir, fascinating. we'll be right back. ♪ let love shine. dazzling diamond gifts she'll adore starting at 199. zales is the diamond store. ♪ you know, ronny... folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. and how happy are they jimmy? i'd say happier than a bodybuilder directing traffic. he does look happy. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insuran
for the bush white house. the election of barack obama, the kind of change towards a multiracial society that he saw in south africa as well. it was not just south africa that nelson mandela was revolutionary. it was his moral stature around the world and the way that he used it that made a difference. was tremendous respect from leaders around the world for nelson mandela. next year. are coming ines from presidents of this country. george w. bush, "we join the people of south africa and around the world and celebrity the life of nelson mandela. he was one of the great forces for freedom and equality of our time. he left the world with dignity and grace and our world is better off because of his example," that from president george w. bush a short time ago. jonathan karl, certainly president obama made aware of the news, the loss this afternoon. have we heard anything yet from the president? >> the white house is well aware of this, something we have been tracking a long time. no official statement yet. was a towering influence on president obama, inspiration. if you look now at the scre
of elections to pick up petitions to seek reelection. >> reporter: why are you running, mr. mayor? >> because i love to serve. >> it wasn't until this evening following an appearance at a world's aids day vigil mayor vincent gray publicly acknowledged he's running for reelection. >> i think i have an excellent record and i'd be happy to talk about it. >> reporter: does this move mean you believe you're clear of any fbi probe? >> it means exactly what it is, that i am going to get my signatures to be eligible for reelection. >> mayor gray never liked long campaigns. he has but one month to collect the 2,000 signatures needed from d.c. voters to get on the ballot. that should not be a problem for an incumbent mayor explaining the shenanigans and illegalities from his 2010 campaign could prove to be a really big prable. >> in 2010 the mayor -- problem. >> in 2010 the mayoral campaign was compromised. >> reporter: u.s. attorney ron mecham never accused gray of wrongdoing, but several others have been indicted for paying off another candidate and paying an off the books shadow campaign. the u.s.
can't or you're a bully. i think the best debate i ever had in my four elections is against a woman and i did so well at the end that i walked out going -- she was tough. she was attacking me on every single issue. it got personal. very angry. i sort of -- i brushed it off. but it was so bad that i was walking out and they were booing her and i walked out. i felt sorry for her. right? even though she had been attacking he in whole time boy that didn't go well. the next day in the newspaper the screaming headlines were that, you know, i was a bully and it was terrible. i never raised my voice because it just went so bad for tonally it was a surprising and jarring thing. the next day when you run a campaign against a woman, especially if you're a 6'4" man you got to take extra, extra care. >> right. but there's also a ton of studies and information and evidence that shows women are negatively portrayed when they express their views firmly. i have some sympathy with how men have to address women and you can't retaliate in a way you would against a guy but women are always being seen --
government or how we end apartheid or how we have democratic elections. >> reporter: the negotiations begin in secret. the government does not want it publicly known that they are speaking with the enemy. mandela by not consulting with the anc leadership nknows they can disavow them if the negotiations go poorly. it is a risk he must take. >> the reason he made that decision is because he realized somebody had to start doing something. >> reporter: in 1988 the 70-year-old mandela is moved to yet another prison outside cape town. >> he's sent to another prison which is like a country club compared to where he had been before. >> reporter: negotiations continue, and slowly other prisoners are released. including mandela's friend and mentor, walter susulu in october 1989. >> there was this sense that mandela would be getting out of jail, and people were generally excited. you could feel it in the air. >> reporter: to the majority of black south africans, mandela's release and all that it represents is what they have spent nearly 30 years hoping for, fighting for, dying for. as that buildup rea
that were criticizing him. nelson mandela, i was on election observer in 1994, and mandela was being attacked by black nationalists that felt he sold out and de klerk by africaners that felt he sold out. they had to fight inside their own base to have this reconciliation which makes them even greater figures. how do you deal with having to balance those that are with you, think you're too soft, those that think you're too hard and find a way to go down the middle. that's where greatness is achieved. >> every revolutionary man or woman has that great challenge. >> absolutely. >> wow. >> let's look back to the 1961 when the 42-year-old activist gave his first televised interview. >> i went to see the man who organized this, a 42-year-old african lawyer nelson mandela the most dynamic man in south africa today. the police were hunting for him at the time but african nationalists arranged for me to meet him at his hide out. this is mandela's first television interview. i asked him what it was that the african really wanted. >> the africans require one franchise of one-man/one-vote. >> do
as they ought to be. >>> will sensitivity training help in 2014 elections? >>> honoring america's giant. >> we don't give voice. i represent them. it's fine to be here on behalf of them. it's glory. >> we'll take you inside the center. "cbs this morning" is back. stay tuned for your local news. man, super busy today. mondays... i got a million emails. oh that's awesome! i found my stapler! ha ha... yes! it's green monday at shop online for the hottest gifts and pick up in store today. give your gifts, save your green. walmart. [ male announcer ] if you can clear a crowd but not your nasal congestion you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec-d®. powerful relief of nasal congestion and other allergy symptoms -- all in one pill. zyrtec-d®. at the pharmacy counter. if you're living with chronic migraine your life is a game of chance. but what if the odds could be in your favor? botox® is an fda-approved treatment that significantly reduces headache days for adults with chronic migraine 15 or more headache days a month each lasting 4 hours or more. it's proven to ac
train workers and volunteers who would conduct the first multiracial elections in south africa. he was authentic. he was a giant. you know, when you were around him, you felt very special. he was joyful. he had a sense of humor, but there was this dignity about him, this strength about him. i will always remember his grace and his courage. >> and to donna's point, john, i want to bring you in. she talks about him being a giant. .headlines, these are one of the days you are looking at the headlines. "usa today" saying the death of a giant. you were there when nelson mandela was inaugurated in 1994. you've also covered many world events but you will never forget that moment. why? >> professionally it was the most powerful thing i've ever seen in my life. i say professionally because i carve out a special spot for my children. if you think of the day of inauguration, u.s. vice president al gore led the delegation. the ceremony was outside in what they call the union building, parliament building. it was the most dramatic, powerful moment of south african military brass, white generals
clinton's rise to power. when you look at bill clinton coming to power after three disastrous elections where the democratic party was viewed as unelectable by a lot of the country, it was fueled by ideas, by platform, by a vision of where to lead to reinvent the party. and you see the great deficit in those remarks by the speaker that the congressional wing of the republican party has in the eyes of the american people, absolutely bereft of ideas. i'm not a fan of the affordable care act, but my party has no solutions to deal with what's a real issue. no working person in this country, for example, should lose their house, go bankrupt, because their kid breaks their leg or their spouse gets leukemia, so republicans, who were once the party of ideas, during the regan era, through the 1990s along with president clinton, we have collapsed as far as our ability to be policy entrepreneurs. that's the great challenge if we're to be successful in 2016, to have candidates to break away, put forward ideas about economic growth, health care, and ideas that americans are focused on. >> jonathan,
to talk about his successes after the election since the campaign that got him there. >> i have said that repeatedly, bruce. >> radar showing showers back from detroit into chicago. notice everything is moving north and east. it's going to stay away from us now. we'll be tracking showers tomorrow and tracking winter precipitation over the weekend. >> the republican-controlled house has passed a 10-year ban on plastic fire arms that can evade metal detectors and x-ray machines. >> and the senate could vote on the bill monday, just hours before the law expires the very next day. >>> this was quite a day for the dc police department. one officer in the hospital tonight with a gunshot wound. and tonight, another is behind bars. >> earlier tonight, mulla leggy talked to kathy lanier about another officer facing child pornography charges. >> reporter: it was officers from this building in the seventh district who arrested washington, after he was accused of possessing and creating child pornography. >> we had an officer who was sworn to protect the public, and now we have an allegation th
factor in next year's midterm elections. already, the botched rollout put enrollment rates in the new health insurance marketplace far below white house targets. consumers now have just a few weeks to sign up for coverage to begin on january 1. to handle that surge, the technology team is scrambling to make more upgrades to the website and warns too much traffic could still overwelm the system. tara for cbs news, washington. >> the technology team is also scrambling to fix glitches in what's known as the back end of the system. meaning, the part of the website that delivers the consumer information to insurers. >>> by now, you know it's cybermonday and some experts predict up to 85% of online retailers will offer you something special, even this week, a lot of people are doing cyber week deals, but matt, rather some of his favorite deals that you can still get in on before the night is over. the top store wide sales come from these folks you see on your screen. with 6:00 stealing the spotlight. followed by huge offerings by omaha steaks, and calvin klein. they are down to 55
himself elected, a partisan endeavor, cornell, and didn't bother to check the facts during that whole period, making him a person who's willing to do or say anything to get elected. today's politics are broken because people like president obama say stuff that they can't back up policy wise. and that's his real problem. >> the question was does congressman joe wilson need to apologize like congressman joe wilson did? >> i don't think he should apologize. this is america and you have the right to say what you think u and in today's america you should call it like you see it. you know, the president has been back-pedaling, and this program has been unraveling. and this sis the downfall of ths presidency in many ways. you see his credibility going down. when people stop trusting a politician, it's over. >> okay. so cornell, listen. there's some polling may indicate that it's, you know, cornyn is on, is on the right side of history here maybe -- >> there is no polling that says that cornyn is on the right side of history. there's no polling on that. >> is obama honest and trustworthy? 46%
into the election. the poll shows brown leads g.o.p. with 52 percent of support from california voters. the next closest candidate is former lt. governor with 11 percent. the governor has not officially announced whether he plans on running for re-election but he is widely expected to run. >> very cold out there this morning. lisa? >> good morning, we have dropped to 19 degrees in napa with san francisco at 42 and freeze warning through tomorrow with san francisco milder but pacifica is in the low 30's and freezing temperatures from hair, mountain view, san carlos and below freezing in san jose and fremont. san ramon, livermore, 25 and 28. today, the coldest morning by far all across the bay area and we will see temperatures stay in the 30's with morning lows tomorrow a few degrees warmer but, city, in the 20's inland and near freezing around the bay and saturday morning we will have a winter mention with higher elevation snow an the bay and the weekend, not were of a warm-up. >> we have a brand new problem northbound 280 at ray street you will find on the shoulder, involving a big rig and a veh
became a nobel peace prize recipient and fruition of political dream was elected president in the country first free election. tonight millions are mourning nelson mandela all around the world. symbol of freedom and strength of human spirit. in south africa and beyond. this is abc news, washington. >> mandela will receive a state funeral. arrangement not yet announced but president obama is expected to fly to south africa to attend. >> well mandela impact on his country can not be overstated nor can the legacy he leaves behind for the rest of the world including here in the bay area. lee ann is in berkeley. >>reporter: june 1990 nelson mandela was released from prison few months earlier. 58,000 people packed the oakland coliseum to see and hear him. mandela delivered a message of thanks and hope. >> it is you that people of oakland, the people of the bay area who have given me and my delegation hope to continue the struggle. >>reporter: state senator hancock was on stage with mandela that day. back then she was the mayor of berkeley and the city council had already voted to sanct
sick for almost a year. mandela was the first african president-elected. news of his death came from current president jacob zuma. >> our nation has lost its greatest son. our people have lost a father. >> reporter: nelson mandela was a statesman and man of the people. he spent 27 years in prison for fighting apartide and was celebrated when he walked free with his then wife. mandela was already a hero by then. an international symbol of the fight against injustice. but mandela never expressed bitterness about his time behind bars. instead he called for reconciliation and forgiveness. four years after his release he was elected president. he also won the noble peace prize along with the man who freed him, f.w.declark. >>> mandela lived thousands of miles away but had a profound connection to a the bay area. mandela is being remembered and honored tonight. christien kafton has the story. >> reporter: it's clear what an influence nelson mandela had here. he influenced people here and in south africa and around the world to make the place they live better. before his relief from prison
elected to the baseball hall of fame along with joe torre and bobby cox. >> awesome. >> it just came in. sal, i know you are aware of that. but you know about our traffic mess on highway 4. >> brilliantly said. i was watching both. i have good news on highway 4. highway 4, the lanes have opened. however, the backup here live from newschopper2 is just ridiculous. it is backed up all the way to antioch and then people say that's normal. this is not normal. this is much busier than it normally is. so you get on the road even all of the lanes are opened, you will be in traffic. you should probably double your commute time. normally it takes you about maybe 40 minutes to get through this. today it will take you more than an hour and i'm just -- i'm trying to be conservative here. hopefully i will be a little bit wrong on the plus side. maybe it won't take you that long. but i'm not that optimistic. i've been doing this a long time. i have to tell you, traffic is very slow. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. this is a 20 to 25-minute delay. no problems getting onto the upper deck
year's election. i don't think it is going to last for 50 weeks, but this is what they put all of their emphasis on, and we're just going to hear more and more of them. but as you say, they sort of get further and further from any reality. >> the crucial test on the political consequences are whether they do make that jump. when you talk about the planned cancellation stories, which when you scratch the surface of a lot of them were way less than they appeared. we're talking about people who qualified for subsidies, and were not reported for qualifying for subsidies, those really did have an impact. but i think the mainstream media that has been burned have gotten more skeptical. >> the cancellation stories, for a week there they were everywhere. and i think a vast majority of americans thought millions of people just lost their health insurance. they got a cancellation notice inviting them to join another plan that may cost them less. so that was a main stream media problem, and hopefully they got burned so they will sort of leave these other stories alone. but fox will push t
in front of your mind about nelson mandela. the 1994 election. south africa's first, is just stu pendous. it won't for two days and they had to call for helicopters and cargo planes and it was the most extraordinary thing. i think what his old comrade in arms and as we know, the spokesman for the presidency said, he stamped his authority. even on prison. he earned the respect and quietly demanded the respect and got it of his prison warders. and max said this is a man who proved that simply by being so dignified forced even the adversary to respect him. and i think that is just so tremendous. how he did that. we talk about hill as if he was an angel. he was a man with a core of steel. and he was able to be that and also to be so incredibly human and fun. all the pictures you see, he is smiling and dancing. a most remarkable combination. >> you met with him many times. one of the thing that i read this evening, that i thought was so fascinating was somebody talking about mandela. the cunning politician. obviously rerevere him for his accomplishments but he said that he wielded his halo as
republicans that are -- >> right. >> -- holding this up. >> who got 3 million less votes in the last election. >> and remember, as you pointed out, over a majority of republicans actually support an increase in the minimum wage. so there is overwhelming consensus among the american p ub on this issue. >> there's dual tracks here. there's a kind of inside strategy with the progressive caucus pushing for this and even kind of main street democrats. then you've got this fight for 15. these are the fast food worker strikes. there was the biggest yet yesterday. they've been spreading. how do you think those two are interacting with each other? >> i think there are a couple things going on. social movements and protests in disruption is always great at getting issues on the national political agenda that normal politics doesn't allow. so if anything, we're having a sustained discussion about income inequality -- >> it's on every cable news network, it's on cnbc. >> even fox. it's everywhere. so one, we're talking about it, and there's legislation. but two, we are seeing actual legislative victories
picked up additions yesterday at the d.c. board of elections. ray was agitated with reporters while speaking at a by wesley -- biweekly press meeting. investigationhe into the campaign. >> you are standing on the shoulders of the past. you know that is wrong and not accurate. a provocative question to which he got a provocative answer. >> gray has one months to collect 2000 signatures to get his name on the valid. sam ford was at the briefing and we will have more on the heated exchange new at 6:00 p.m. >> to more water main breaks overnight signal a potential problem this winter. they happened in arlington. old infrastructure and changing temperatures have led to drivers on alert. more with what we have found out. >> the cleanup of this water main break has been going on all day and will go on into the night eating too little to no water pressure for people living in the area. are having to make that u-turn and they are having a tree lighting ceremony tonight. another inconvenience. situations like this throughout the region is something we can get used to year after year. there wa
will have to wait until the union completes the leadership election tomorrow. >> the west contra costa county school board is working on new bullying policies after an emergency meeting with parents last night. a tran gender student spoke up about being bullied at high school after her fight was caught on video. the board agree that existing policies are not enforced across the district so they are giving themselves 40 to 45 days to develop if you policies. >> it came to a point where i wanted to physically hurt myself. >> i take responsibility for that. i am sorry. >> the school district called the emergency board meeting after parents come-- >> and now a city councilwoman schaaf has raised paperwork for run for mayor. she worked for jerry brown and a former city council man and is more popular than the mayor in the district. >> the tables have turned on the commission that voted to revoke the accreditation of city college, with the department of education now ordering the commission for community and junior colleges to make changes to keep their standing. the department says that the
the 2004 election when president bush was reelected. "the times" on that story for a year is why edward snowden took his rev liegss further this year to "the guardian" in britain. today, the editor of "the guardian" has only published about 1% of what edward snowden gave them. is that decision not to publish 99% an issue of bravery, intimidati intimidation? is that judgment? they are deciding, in effect, what we get to know about what our government does based on their judgment of what counts as news. and their judgment conceivably of what harm they could cause by releasing to the public what they as a news organization are privileged to know that the rest of us to do. it is a very, very uncomfortable thing. it is part of why the job of a free and responsible press is a hard thing, a hard job, hard to do well. you want the people that do it to be worthy of the responsibility they have. tomorrow morning in a law officer in dan bury, connecticut. phone calls will be made available to the phone calls made the morning of the sandy hook shootings. the victims said they did not want those tap
, and just elect overall majorities of democrats that can get stuff done. >> until my colleagues take their party back from being seized by an extremist minority in their party, i think weir facing this. i have to tell you when i came here to washington dc it was deja vu. i'm glad that we don't have to deal with the challenges that i did during my time. >> your constituents are some of the people that will benefit from the law. i'm curious how it is playing in your district right now. california like kentucky, like new york, is one of those test cases, it wasn't in the federal exchange, the website worked reasonably well, how well is it playing in your district right now? >> very well and i know this every day from calls we get. a few weeks ago we had a town hall in my district and over 400 people turned out and we were doing enrollments on the spot and we had a town hall where we talked to people while they were waiting for their points. people came with genuine questions. the majority of the people with the exception of four or five were really supportive of the law and wanted to do
christie. 19 percent see him unfairbly. christie woman re-election as until's governor last month and he has hinted he could run for president in 2016. who doesn't want to get out of bed? >> absolutely. now, the north bay, cartinez straights, keep the petness if you can, the plants covered, if not, bring them inside until 9:00 this morning. we still have some threatening weather with temperatures in the 20's. all of us tonight but for san francisco, notice this starts at 9:00 tonight, it will cool when the sun drops through 9:00 tomorrow morning and freezing temperatures to the coast. the pets and the plants and pipes are at risk but, also, you could be. check out these peoples: our afternoon highs are flirting with the upper 40's to low 50's from seven to 11 degrees cooler unanimous normal. there will be another cold night in store and chilled sunshine tomorrow and winter mix on friday and saturday. sue? >> notwithstandings. we have ice reported in san mateo area northbound 280 a high overcrossing bridge by the minute stone house use travel through the san mateo and crystal springs area
'll hear from mandela himself in an interview from 1993 before he was elected president. >>> and now, to the massive storm slamming the central u.s. millions of americans from the southern plains and the midwest are coping with with frigid temperatures. drivers in southern illinois face treacherous travel. they're calling today ice friday in texas. manuel, good morning. >> good morning. it was nearly 80 degrees here earlier this week. now, it's frigid. hundreds of flights have been canceled. that is impacting travel to dallas from airports in los angeles and san francisco. crews here are trying to keep major overpasses like these from freezing over, but you can see right here what they are dealing with. ice has formed on most everything here. >> the nasty mix of freezing rain and sleet began falling across parts of texas thursday, leaving cars and streets coated with slick ice. >> it's not too bad, but it's starting to set in now and the worst stuff is starting to come in. >> forecasters expect up to a half inch of freezing rain in the dallas ft. worth area alone with the wintry syst
the first democratcly elected government of egypt. he received nearly 500,000 votes from time readers, 26 percent of the total. time says he got massive support from people in egypt who generated largest number of votes in the poll understandably. turkey president came in second with miley cyrus in third. no fooling. official time person of the year is chosen by the magazine editor and will be announced next wednesday. i doubt it's miley but we'll see. >> electric guitar bob dill land famously played in the 1965 newport folk if he is have sold at auction today for 9 65,000 dollars. it is a record for guitar sold at auction. christy says absentee buyer purchased the fender guitar it was move from acoustic to electric rock and roll. guitar has been in the possession of new jersey family for nearly 50 years. dillon left it open a pr by the owner's late father. >> craft brew industry is boo booming but many of the brew are sold in limited 80's and that is creating a black market now. brewers say they are seeing some beer offered for hundreds of dollars. particularly once that are har
the election in 2010. he brought in bill daly, made some other changes. he didn't like the effect, the impact. he's gone back to chief of staff, as ruth said, who is a very good friend of his, national security adviser is very good friend of his. other presidents had friends around them. to shake things up, to get the agenda moving again, to get a sense of a new amount of energy, i think he probably does have to make some personnel changes but i wouldn't hold my breath for them. like george bush, when barack obama is told washington thinks people on cable tv think he should do things, he's less inclined and to stick with the people he knews and management structure he's comfortable with. >> if you take a look at this team, if they weren't his good friends, would they have these jobs? are they the best there is? >> well, i think you could ask that about a lot of presidents. presidents need to have people around them who are loyal but they also need people around them who are capable. i think to some extent the proof is in the pudding in terms of the rollout and effectiveness of health care. th
rating as he heads into a possible re-election campaign. yesterday numbers show a field poll finds nearly 6 in 10 registered voters approve of his performance. 52% say they would vote for him. his closest challenger lieutenant governor able maldonado is backed by 11%. the governor hasn't said if he will seek another term. >>> the batkid returns to san francisco. 5-year-old miles scott of siskiyou county won our hearts last month as he saved the city from evil villains. that was his dream as he battled and beat cancer. miles will help a make a wish fundraiser tomorrow at the aquatic park at jefferson and hide streets with a 5-k run at 8:30. >>> live pictures of the caltrain christmas train. it's parked near at&t park at the caltrain station. beautiful. decorated with 60,000 glittering lights. the train will stop at stations between san francisco and santa clara tomorrow and sunday evening. so there will be entertainment but crews will be collecting toys for local children. >> a little feliz navidad. >>> time now 6:10. celebrating the life of nelson mandela. president obama reacts to the de
. newerly elections are planned for february 2nd but that is not making protesters very happy. 150,000 people have demonstrated against the prime minister, they want her out of office, at least five people have been killed in recent protests and hundreds more have been injured. >>> a sad update on that pot of pilot whales found stranded in florida. 11 were found dead yesterday, bringing the total dead now to 22. while life experts have been guiding them back to deeper water to save them. the whales were out of sight for awhile bringing hope they may have found their way back to sea. unclear what's happened to the rest of the pack. experts will try to find out if disease was a factor in their deaths. >>> 5:20 now coming up the palo alto man held for weeks in north korea finally home and this morning he's talking about his experience. >>> and coming up, an amazing shot that had even tiger woods filing and it turns out the 49ers can beat a winning team. a huge victory coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, yes you did. yes you did. no i didn't. no i didn't. yes you did. yes you did. no
at the mid-term elections six months before. the results will be baked in the cake pretty sufficiently. if the screwup continues, democrats get hurt. if this is looking in the mirror like some republicans try to exploit, maybe it has a political punch for us today. >> don't think it doesn't work in washington. they made problems with dealing with spending in the upcoming budget talks. you know wednesday deadline, when are we going to do it? our super committee conference of great friends. this is a reason to ignore all of it. you never hear. >> except it's coming. except, you know. >> september 15th. >> that's the next big date. the teams are meeting. we have that super committee fail. we could have part two. >> don't call at this time super committee. it didn't work out last i'm in. >> super fail committee. >> thank you, nice to see you. >> let's look at the headlines. good morning to you. federal veshts are looking into what caused sunday's train derail. in new york. which means live aerial pictures from the scene. crews are busy working get the cars upright today. four people were k
will try to dig out from about the risks of repealing it. democrats running for re-election for 2014 are already panicking. this is the president's first concerted effort to calm them down. the white house is changing its tone highlighting the achievements of obama care and the progress that has been made since the botched launch of the website just two the. >> the queueing system is a featured design to improve the user experience. enrolled. how many were shuttled into that comeback later queue. in a miami health clin irk, june miles may tried for a hird time to purchase insurance through the website. she hasn't had insurance due to diabetes and other pre-existing conditions. the website kept telling her to wait. >> i'm hoping everything goes well, you know, for me because i really do need health coverage. >> reporter: eventually miles mays filled out a paper application. the administration expects that even bigger traffic surge in two weeks. that's when consumers will probably rush to acquire insurance coverage by january 1st. to qualify, those
to be supportive of him. i don't think you can find anybody in america who has worked harder for his re-election or supported this bill or went out of his way to explain the bill to the american people more than i did. >> he went on to say he's not playing politics and fully supports the affordable care act. but he agrees the website must be fixed for people to figure out what options are available to him. >>> let's head to the every glades national park. a sad story unfolding. dozens and dozens of whales are beaching themselves. it's not clear why they're doing this. this is dangerous behavior and they could possibly die. we'll have a live report for you on the other side of the break. we'll be right back. >>> the new york yankees making a huge gigantic splash in free agency. this time scoring jacoby from the boston red sox. >> you knew the yankees missing the playoffs for the second time in years wasn't going to set well with them. this time they're backing up the truck to jacoby elseberry. they signed him to a seven-year, $153 million contract. that's the fourth largest deal in yankees' histo
-sisi of egypt. he is responsible for the first democratically elected government of egypt. he got nearly 500,000 voters. turkey's prime minister came in second. si pop singer miley cyrus came in third. the offical person a year will be selected by times editors and announced on wednesday. and >> that is it for this morning. we hope you will join us back here on monday. here is a picture of how the world is are remembering and nelson mandela. >> announcer: today on an all-new "dr. phil." >> kayla phillips says she was stopped after buying a handbag. >> dr. phil: you feel like this was racial profiling. >> absolutely. >> the cop reached for his gun. >> i said we're actors, not criminals. >> i said are you doing this because we're black? a couple seconds later, we were handcuffed. >> dr. phil: you stop me, handcuff me, you better have a good reason. >> dr. phil: let's do it. >> have a good show, everybody. here we go. >> dr. phil: i hate to see people suffering. you've hurt long enough. >> stand by, dr. phil. >> dr. phil: i'm going to get you the help you need. this is going to be a changing da
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